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Building for Cossington’s future

The current village hall (Jubilee Hall) is a wood and asbestos structure with inadequate facilities. It is coming towards the end of its useful life and ideas for replacing it have been explored over the last 20 years.  Whilst just 100 metres distant lies All Saints Church, the largest public building in the village,  well positioned in the heart of the settlement, next to the village car park.

However the church too has some serious problems especially the rising damp and its uneven floor which has collapsed in places. Its heating system is outdated and the lighting and electrics need to be completely replaced. It doesn’t have toilets or cloakrooms and it is becoming unsuitable even for continued church services.

The Cossington Project Group, which leads the Building for Cossington’s Future project, aims to meet both the need for a new village hall and the need to refurbish the church, with a single joined up project.  The plan is to restore and extend  All Saints Church to create a ‘Church & Village Centre’ facility that will….

  • Serve the whole community of Cossington as a community centre for all
  • Discover, conserve and share our village heritage for generations to come
  • Enable and equip the growing Cossington church family to thrive


We are aiming to reorder the inside of the church building to make the nave a large and useable space for all. We are also seeking to build a north aisle extension to accommodate kitchen and toilet facilities and additional meeting space. We are building for Cossington’s future. Could you be part of it?

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