A very special celebration of Cossington’s Heritage was held on November 11th 2022 when a packed church building was entertained to a very creative programme of heritage, music and drama!!

Cossington 800 Years Celebration 11th November 2022 

Visitors were welcomed by an expert peel of the five church bells, and treated to a potted history of their amazing story, dating from 1450 (the oldest church bell in the area) to the 5th installation in 1910!  

An eyewitness account of village history was then shared by a special guest, the “Watcher”, a carved wooden face who has enjoyed a bats-eye view of the goings on in this building from the highest point in the nave ceiling, for all of these 800 celebrated years!  His wooden ears were also treated to nostalgic choral renditions of medieval hymns and tunes from the 14h century through to the 20th, kindly researched and sung by Rothley Church choir. 

Enjoy our video recording of the event, best watched ‘full-screen’ in a darkened room to better appreciate the remarkable historic atmosphere created by the enchanting music and the glow from hundreds of candles!