In May 2016 a team of archaeologists from University of Leicester Archaeology Services (ULAS) spent a week exploring sections of the church floor and parts of the church-yard!

It is a requirement to investigate areas of listed buildings where development works are planned and was applicable because our Village Centre project involves installing a new stone floor and an extension to the north side. It was necessary for sections of the floor to be excavated and explored to ensure there were no artefacts or buried structures of archaeological interest that might be disturbed by the project. The 100cm external trenches uncovered nothing of significance, however the 40cm deep investigations of the old church floor revealed a Victorian heating system that has been out of action for decades.

It is not yet clear if it was a heated air or a heated water system. A brick-lined pit about 5 foot deep was discovered under an old wrought-iron grille. It was half-filled with water probably to the level of the prevailing water-table. Linked to this pit was an iron vent which in turn led to a much narrower brick-lined channel under the floor tiles. It seemed to go the length of the two aisles and across the back of the church, forking under the tower floor.